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U-P60 LED lamp
Model: 3W
Brief: Use of CREE - Q5 LED;
Constant Output: 200 Lumen ;
Volt: 2.2V ~ 3.7 V ;
Long distance beam;
Multi-Functions Available.
Fit for Discovery / Discovery-G / SF 6P , ETC. ,
Use of 1 pcs of Lithium or Li-ion .

Multi-Functions Available,
The function: Full output mode / Half output mode / 20% weak mode / Strobe mode.
The function is also open for custom setting.

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Name:Discovery torch  Model:LED-3W
Brief:Use of CREE LED; 250 Lumen output; Multi-functions
Name:Discovery - G  Model:DISCOVERY
Brief:Use of CREE LED; 200 Lumen output; Towrope Switch Tail; For gun use.
Name:Discovery-X Torch  Model:Discovery-X
Brief:High output: 90Lumens; Runtime:50minutes; Optional input volt:6V / 3.7V; Weight:140g
Name:Freedom - G  Model:Freedom
Brief:Use of CREE LED ; constant 250 Lumen output ; Volt: 3V [1pcs of CR123] ; Towrope Switch Tail; For gun use.
Name:Freedom torch  Model:Freedom-P
Brief:Use of CREE R2 LED ; constant 250 Lumen output ; Volt: 3V [1pcs of CR123] ; Click and lock switch.
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